Using psychology to make behaviour change simpler
Using psychology to make behaviour change simpler




"If you stand close to a crumbling wall in Venice this is all you see. 


I am a fan of self-improvement and am always looking to improve the parts of myself that are a bit ‘crumbly’, however I am also mindful that if I smooth away all the edges then I lose what makes me my imperfect, unique self."


Hazel Anderson-Turner

I specialise in pulling out the 'golden nuggets' of psychological theory and working with organisations, teams and individuals to apply it to the challenges they face.  I work alongside them to create the behaviour change and successful outcomes they are aspiring to.


In my coaching, my focus is on building resilient leadership and resilient lives, with a mission to prevent burnout.



How can we help?

What We Can Offer:


  • The Resilience MOT
  • Masterclasses in the psychology of leadership, behaviour change, habit formation and psychologcial safety
  • Training for HR, L&D & OD professionals
  • Resilient leadership coaching
  • Resilient team development



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